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Friday, 9 July 2010

Comments on PeopleSoft Developer's Guide for PeopleTools & PeopleCode, by Judi Doolittle

On the bright side, the text is mostly well written, having some spelling errors. It serves well as an introduction to the application suite offered by Oracle and Peoplesoft. The first part is very descriptive, full of screen shots, and delves into architecture details. There is also a very useful appendix for learning PL/SQL, and some COBOL .
On the dark side, the second part is only good for leisure reading, not for learning how to code. There are only two chapters of merely showing the structure of Peoplecode, without any tutorial, or exercises. Themes such as combining it with Crystal reports are missing. Its source code is not available, you have to type it! You can read more acid criticism by a more experienced reader at:
All in all, the book serves only as an introduction, you cannot use it to actually learn how to write code.

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