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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Comments on Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling, 2nd Edition Volume 78 By Roger A. Pielke, Sr.

On the bright side, the text is well organized, without many misspellings or typographical errors. The book aims to graduate level readers and researchers. It offers a wealth of information, bibliography references and chapter notes.
 On the dark side, the thermodynamics chapter has been reported to have some ambiguities about i.e.  conservation of heat.  During my postgraduate studies I was assigned to study the 1rst edition of the book, so as to be examined orally. Thus, in the absence of exercises or questions,  I had to write my own, corresponding to each paragraph of text. I suppose having spent such a large amount of time and effort made me wonder, whether the newer edition offered such supplements. I am afraid it doesn't!
All in all, the book is advanced text and the reader is assumed to have perfect knowledge of several topics, especially statistical physics. Its second edition proves its success, but as far as  the student  is concerned, adding some sort of practice would mean great help.

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