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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Comments on Oracle Application Server 10g: J2EE Deployment and Administration, by Michael Wessler, Erin Mulder, Rob Harrop, Jan Machacek, Apress

On the bright side, the text is very well organized, tight, well written, without spelling errors. It describes  thoroughly all the options available in each screen shot. There are also some tips and  hints about performance tuning, such as using web cache. Its source code is available online as well.
On the dark side, the text resembles more of a manual than a learning course. It has no tutorials, nor end of chapter step by step exercises for the reader to implement on his own, in order i.e. to actually measure any performance gains. The book was published back in 2004 and I quote an interesting paragraph of its presentation text, which can be found at:
"Oracle Application Server 10g: J2EE Deployment and Administration focuses on the latest version of Oracle's fully J2EE-certified application server (previously called Oracle9iAS). Oracle Corp. is aggressively attacking this market with a new lost-cost version of the server, as well as a program to move BEA customers onto Oracle free of charge. Adoption interest is growing rapidly amidst favorable reports regarding performance and reliability."
All in all, the book might be of use to web administrators with old J2EE 1.3, already running servers. Today, its content is mostly deprecated, as OAS end of life is approaching.

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