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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Comments on Teach yourself JavaScript in 24 hours by Michael Moncur, 4rth Edition

On the bright side, the text is clear, well structured without any spelling errors. Its chapters are structured in such a tidy and concise way, so that its title actually corresponds to its content exactly; a series of timed tutorial lessons, a do it yourself learning course. Each chapter has its questions and answers sections, quiz questions and relevant answers and finally exercises. Its source code is complete and available. The lesson about debugging, DOM and forms validation is valuable as a reference.
On the dark side, the reader has to know  beforehand, some programming essentials,  since the text does not analytically present some subjects in great length and depth, i.e. some complained about the coverage of  loops.
All in all, the book is a success, now in its 4rth edition, offering an introductory course in JavaScript for experienced programmers. Moreover, it is very useful as a reference, offering a wealth of information in its appendixes: other JavaScript resources, tools etc.

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