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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

JDeveloper 10g: Deployment of JHeadstart application to OAS 10.1.2

A common demand by customers in the public sector, is keeping their usually many years old, existing application server installations intact and rarely upgrade to newer versions. Others say that buying new hardware is far too expensive. Sometimes compatibility reasons, i.e. simultaneous use of older Oracle forms applications, tie you up. Furthermore, why should one mess up a smoothly up and running   1.3 JEE application server, after all?
Developer's nightmare
The sad thing is that customers usually inform you of such requirements, only when you have already finished testing at the current version of the J2EE container of the Oracle Application Server or OAS, the one embedded in JDeveloper (that is in our case: 10.1.3) and the contemporary stand alone J2EE 1.4 OC4J instance!
Whatever the extra cost of effort, time and money, the developer is to conform to the customer rules. The integrated scope changes control process mentioned in the Project Management Body of Knowledge are vastly considered purely theoretical in Greek software houses. In practice, the competition is very hard, no manager can afford a displeased customer. On the other hand, bear in mind that plain programmers are dispensable. I only wonder what are the working conditions abroad? Please respond, with as many details as possible!
So, if you are finally stuck to the older version of OAS, you might consult a brief deployment guide to a test server at :
Perhaps reading it, might save you some time and frustration...

Further critical references concerning ADF:

Tales from the trenches by Dr. Dorsey. Coauthor of JDeveloper 10g hanbook.

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