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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Vacation in Agioi Apostoloi, Kalamos

 In this new post a destination near to Athens will be briefly presented as an alternative to a daily excursion to the provinces of Attica; far away of the hectic life and the demonstrations of the busy city centre.
A view of the sea from the Panorama area

The place is called Kalamos,  its port Ag.Apostoloi  (the greek for Saint Apostles) and its distance from Athens centre is less than 50 Km, roughly an hour's journey by private car or public, fully air conditioned,  KTEL bus. You can find more about the geographical position here: I think the images of the sea speak for themselves.

A view from Kalamos Beach hotel

As far as accommodation is  concerned,  there are two hotels  in the Agona area by the beach: the newer and therefore more expensive Delphinia (Greek for dolphins) and the older but cheaper Kalamos  Beach, which now mostly hosts tourists groups from Russia and the eastern Europe. There also are  plenty of rooms, or flats to let by  the seaside, in addition to whole houses for rent. Prices are as low as 270 euros per month for a 100 square meters house. Many German pensioners live in the Agona area all the year round.
During the winter, there might be so heavy snowfall that the landscape resembles that of the Swiss alps. That might happen once in  five years. In such case, no traffic is allowed due to bad weather, one must have made beforehand food, fuel provisions  to last for a period of a few days. Having a power generator in case of a power outage or some extra wood logs for the fireplace is always a good idea. I am sure the locals will be suitable to offer you advice or help during the winter season.

Landscape during winter

When the weather is good, besides swimming, fishing or chatting with the anglers, sailing, sunbathing and enjoying the clean sea, one could visit the woods, the vineyards to consult with the expert wine makers, go sightseeing to the nearby site of Amphiarion which once served as an oracle, the monasteries, Oropos town or the island of Evia and so on. Finally,  a word of caution: during the  hot weekends, especially on Sundays; it is very crowded, there is difficulty in driving a private car in such narrow streets. Thus, during the weekend getting the bus is the ideal suggestion, for trouble free amusement. It is fully recommended to visit this place during working week days, for having your share of carefree fun in the sun!

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