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Friday, 23 December 2011

Preview of Oracle JDeveloper 11gR2 Cookbook, by Nick Haralabidis

This new post is an exception to the rule of commenting on  books I have read, or better studied even their code. Since the author is an old colleague and a friend of mine who has helped me in the past, I feel obliged to present his new book, which is currently in preparation. I am afraid I have not studied the whole text, the complete source code is though available; just read some parts of it. Furthermore, enduring for 2 days the second release of JDeveloper  11g was more than just enough for me. IDE XML editing  exceptions popping up all the time! Thus, one can certainly say that I am biased and my preview comments are not complete. I can surely live with that and if you can do so too, let us go on with the presentation!
The master chef who authored the recipes offers valuable advice and plenty of examples of source code, unlike other recently published ADF books who seem to target more to project managers; rather avoid exposing the reader to code. The step by step instructions are easy to follow and implement in your own project, saving you time and effort. Furthermore,  the text contains quite advanced techniques about refactoring, debugging, profiling, testing and optimizing, fine-tuning and monitoring  an ADF application. Such topics are not included even in ADF books written by Oracle stuff. Moreover ignorance of  them has been  in the past  the cause of hiring external consultants and spending all project contingency funds. Nevertheless, the text only mentions using business components as the model technology and not EJBs, neither facelets. Further details about the book one can find here.

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